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Sports Premium


It is our aim at Bloemfontein Primary School to provide the opportunity for our children to safely experience a range of sporting activities for their fun and enjoyment. Through carefully planned P.E and sports activities we aim to ensure that all children are happy and enjoy P.E, thus raising participation levels both in and out of School and therefore in turn, promoting healthy lifestyles.

We strive to provide high quality P.E and sports teaching in both Curriculum and after school clubs. We aim to ensure that within their own level of ability all children can achieve and experience success, thereby enabling them to reach their full potential.

We value the benefits of P.E and sport to build children’s self confidence, esteem and self worth. This is character building and essential for our pupil’s development.

We aim to provide opportunities for all children to experience competition and various levels both individually and as part of a team.

What is the Sports Premium?

The Government is providing further funding for the current academic year to improve the provision of Physical Education and Sport in Primary Schools. This funding is jointly provided through the Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport and will see money going directly to Primary School Head Teachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and P.E for their children.

You can view or download our Sport Premium allocation for the current academic year by clicking on the link below:

Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety

As of May 2018, schools and academies are required to publish data in relation to Y6 pupils and their ability to meet certain swimming criteria.

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