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Aims, Ethos and Vision

Our School’s Commitment

We are committed to:

  • Providing an active learning community that supports children, staff, governors and parents to learn and challenge themselves to achieve their best within a positive ‘can-do’ culture

  • providing support, care and guidance for each person as a valued individual

  • fostering an atmosphere of respect for one another

  • creating an active partnership with parents and the local community

  • raising the profile of international aspects within the curriculum, the school and the community

  • Ensuring an environment in which all can feel happy, safe and secure

Our school aims to help all individuals to:

  • understand the multicultural society in which we live and be encouraged to value and celebrate differences within it

  • be adaptable to a changing environment and to learn from it

  • every child will understand their own uniqueness and know they are valued and important

  • develop awareness of self and raise aspirations

  • build self-confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline

Our school aims to provide a curriculum which:

  • complies with all statutory requirements

  • is broad, balanced, creative and relevant to all children, whatever their age or ability

  • will help all children use language and number effectively

  • will make children familiar with, and confident in the use of an increasing range of technology

  • fosters an enjoyment in learning, a sense of curiosity and lively enquiring minds

  • encourages independence

  • develops environmental awareness and actively promotes outdoor learning

Our school actively encourages and values:

  • good co-operation between home and the school, and involvement of parents as partners in the learning process

  • the fostering of an understanding of conservation and the need for care of the environment

  • all to take pride in their work

  • the development of good relationships and attitudes in every member of the school community

  • a range of extra-curricular activities which enrich pupils’ experience and help develop healthy living

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